Cleaning your office space

I found this video on the topic of cleaning one’s office space, and wanted to share my own tips in addition to the helpful video;

  • Clean up. I wipe down my computer, tablet, and iPhone daily. I’m sure they get messy and germy, so using a wet wipe or paper towel with rubbing alcohol (because it evaporates very quickly) helps to clean but also disinfects surfaces.
  • Use dry boards and corkboard. My husband included a back wall for my desk shelves made out of corkboard. I can now post notes and calendars in front of me. I also have a half whiteboard, half bulletin board on the wall next to me. Here, I’ll post the important stuff I need to get done today, and my schedules, as well as project lists. Also consider, this enables me to move vertically with my paperwork. The most important get posted up on the wall.
  • Backup files regularly. Part of my work includes offering backing up files, but too often I encounter clients who forget and lose valuable files due to viruses or computer crashes. You can use USB flash drives (also called thumb drives), or cloud drives to back up the important stuff- DO THIS REGULARLY!
  • Follow the rule that if you don’t use something within a week, it gets put out of the way. If I don’t use something for a month or so, I consider getting rid of it.
  • Store supplies. I opened up a lot of space on my desk by half-ing my supplies. I cut in half the paper clips, rubber bands, and pens, and put the rest of the stuff into a box in a closet for using later.
  • Create zones. Even on something like a desk, you can create zones for work, play, hobbies and so forth. For instance, the left half of my desk gets used for crafts and projects, while the right half is zoned for work related things. I also have shelves dedicated to my writing, another for office supplies, another for electronics like chargers, and a shelf for marketing materials.

And here is the video:



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