Revisiting Old Topics

alienlandscapeThere comes a time in all Blogger’s adventures where they start to feel that they’ve covered everything. I kind of feel that way now, or maybe I’m in my winter hibernation mode. All I want to do is curl up and sleep until spring.

But then, I considered that I could just as easily revisit the same topics covered before but go further into depth, share my own experiences on those topics, or mix things up and take an opposing view than I had before- just to be different.

Story telling can do the same.

Take the villain’s point of view. I find villains very entertaining to write, from their perspective, due to thinking outside the box.  The challenge is finding their motivation and justifying that motivation that might otherwise work against the ‘norm’.

spacephp copyPick another time. If you write a story that takes place before or after the main novel, you expand your series. Prequels and sequels offer fans more history of the characters.

Explore new settings. If you work with one setting, consider exploring a setting in the same ‘world’ but different place. A new planet, undiscovered land, or any other setting offers new challenges for the same characters.

Turn things around. Pick plot, setting, characters, and even conflicts to see what new story ideas sprout anew.


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