Self-published anthology

Today, I got the ‘proof’ copy of the anthology , printed at It is larger than expected. I thought it would thin. I’m pretty happy with it, although it does need a few more tweaks.

I realized they didn’t add page numbers. I assumed that was automatic with their process. That’s easy enough to fix. So far, everything else looks pretty good.

I still need to go through and check for anything else that needs fixing. Its not easy for me. With my bad eyesight, and stupid eye floaters, reading and seeing details proves challenging.

I think our next anthology will include sections, where the poetry will be in one section, science fiction in another, or some other format. This one is a bit of a hodge podge.

But the goal was to have a printed book of my fellow authors’ work, so I can ask them to sign in. I then have a nifty keepsake. I also found that I gained tons of experience with compiling, editing, and setting things up via Amazon Kindle and

So here’s my advice;

Start with the, with a printed book first. Because the process involves more detail, you get a better result. You also get a Kindle eBook linked to your account, automatically.

Have a novel length project to publish. You can use this online calculator to see what you’ll be earning for a book based on size and number of pages. A book length of 250 pages, 5 x 8, earns only $.95 if you list the price at $8.00. A book with fewer pages simply won’t be worth purchasing.

Thinner books (short stories) can still publish as eBook via Amazon Kindle. This convinces me that submissions to future anthologies must be enough to create a printed book- otherwise, we just go with an electronic version.

I’m not sure when I’ll have the printed version available, but the online version can be found here;


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