Createspace- self publishing to print or electronic book

CreateSpace-LogoI’m finishing up all the anthology publishing for the 2013 edition, and I’m learning a lot about the process.

Printed version first. I found I could’ve easily added the eBook version during the process of setting up the printed version. I did the eBook first via Kindle. I think now the two won’t be connected where you have the option on the page on Amazon. I think? Either way, if given the choice, be sure to do the printed version first. You will get the chance to select an eBook version for Kindle through the process- which makes things so much easier.

And don’t worry. If you screw up, the process will offer corrections and even a template you can work with.

Book covers. The graphic file for the eBook must be within the proper dimensions. According to this page, 1500×2400 at 300 dpi. If you don’t understand what that is, you might need to consider a graphic designer to design your cover for you.

The printed book, on the other hand, required a different dimension, which depended on the number of pages but also what size printed book. I selected a 5 x 8 size, with 200 pages. Fortunately, they provide a template based on your selection (click on this page), that you can edit and adapt as needed.

This did, however, create a few problems I didn’t anticipate. Being the graphic for the cover was mostly white with text and a basic graphic at its center, I was required to add a darker frame. (This was for the eBook). In addition, another author in my group found her black cover with red lettering wouldn’t show up on the basic Kindle. So consider carefully your colors, fonts, and designs.

You want them clear, concise, and work well with the color and graphics.

I’ll post more as I go.


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