Some recent highlights


So far this year offers so many ups and downs. My cat, Max, (see the photo of the cute kitty), developed some swelling on his face. I took him in to see the vet and seems he needs oral surgery. It’s a tooth abscess. We don’t have the money now, so we opted to use antibiotics for now, and get the surgery when we get the money.

For now, I give him antibiotics, and he’s already better. Not that he seemed to suffer before. He continued to eat, play, and demand cuddles. But cats are more tolerant to pain than other animals, and he’s such a god natured animal. He’s also getting old. We figure he’s over 10 years.

logo_82As for other highlights, my two meetup groups swelled in numbers. It’s a bit overwhelming, since the scheduled meetups are full capacity. I then took on a third meetup for small business owners, and that has over 100 members. I’ll have to be careful not to get too carried away with my time.

One of my goals is about making my business a success, so I’m joining business groups in the area. This month I have two meetings to attend, one being a workshop.


 I’m experimenting with a Silhouette die cut machine, and made myself this vinyl sticker for my laptop.  I think I might make a quote about writing, or put my business logo on it or something.

What I haven’t been doing much is writing. Yeah. I know. Bad, bad writer! I found creative writing difficult to get into for some reason. Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep, I’m stressed, or I let that evil inner editor get to me. Or maybe I should devote more time to the non-fiction writing instead.

So I wanted to touch base with this blog- to put it out there what I’ve been up to, and hopefully to get myself back on track by next week. I swear I will update on a schedule, to post regularly.

Pinky promise.

And here’s a small offering of something I found on the web- such a lovely story idea from a 5th grader. This, my friends, illustrates a true mark of a writer- the ability to see beyond the obvious.


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