The joys of a new desk

IMG_3530For Christmas, my husband found a large desk at a flea market and is adding shelves for me. Its much wider with plenty of table space for me.. It is higher than my other desk as well. As a writer, where a desk is vital to the writing process, it enables me a fresh spot to sit and put thoughts to print.

IMG_3542I also have drawers! Lots of drawers, and two shelves that pull out at the sides.  As you can see here- I’ve added all the usual stuff, and I’m still waiting for David to finish the shelves. But I love it- its nice and spacious, and offers plenty of Feng Shui.

I’m also getting a wireless keyboard and mouse (to cut down on all the cords), and this offers me more freedom of the desk. I even have a lamp I can use when I want.

So what’s your writing spot like? Add in comments to make a post and link in comments. I’d love to see it. Let’s share where all the magic happens. Winking smile


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