Writing as a business

In my ‘real life’, I have my own business, Learnthepc.net, offering computer training, technical support, and virtual assistant work. Being a business owner, I’ve been joining business group meetings for the past couple of weeks, shaking hands, and meeting a variety of new people. And I managed to ask a few questions that I wanted to share with my writer readers. Writing, after all, is a business, too;

I would suggest checking out Meetup.com to look up small business groups or even writer groups in your local area. I also suggest checking out Score.org to get free business help.

Should I include writing in my LinkedIn account when its also for my other business? The answer from the PR person was ‘yes’, because you often find people, who you wouldn’t consider interested, are, in fact, interested in more than one subject. This became true when I spoke to a woman asking me about computers; she mentioned she writes poetry.

The PR person also shared how you can change your LinkedIn profile to illustrate whatever you hope to catch the attention of others. For instance, should I publish a book, I would mention that in my profile tag line. The tag line becomes a teeny, tiny ad.

Writers need branding just like any business. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a logo, but your colors, graphics, and tagline need to reflect who you are, what you do, and catch the attention of would-be readers.

Take, for example, The Hunger Games . When you see the mockingbird symbol, you know exactly what it represents. Or the apple held in the hands (Twilight ), or the throne of swords or the head of a Direwolf.(A Game of Thrones)

Some other things I learned this week to help with writing marketing:

A video on some basic tips for writers to market-


Amazon’s Author Central– I thought I was automatically a member because I’ve published my short story,Into the Shade , at Amazon, but you do need to sign up.

Authormedia’s list of marketing– Tons of ideas here


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