Remiss of my blogging duties

IMG_1479 I’ve been rather busy with things outside the circle of writing, especially creative type writing. I started working for a non-profit, filling the shoes as an assistant, while juggling homeschool and two meetup groups I organize.

And I’ve been seriously remiss of my blogging duties. I apologize to my readers.

I recently purchased a Windows 8 tablet,  a Surface Pro. Originally, I got the Microsoft Surface RT , but I don’t recommend it unless you’re saving money. It includes MS Office 2013 which is nice, but it’s a dumbed down version of Windows 8, so you can’t run anything you want.

I upgraded to the Microsoft Surface Pro , which includes a full featured operating system, and paid the extra for a bigger hard drive. Now I’m jumping into mastering Windows 8, touch screens, MS Office 2013 (why, oh why did you change all the buttons, Microsoft!?).

I rely more on the cloud drives like Skydrive and Dropbox to store my documents. I can now edit from my iPhone, tablet, or the computer at home, share, and even print.

There are a few things to note with Windows 8;

– There is no start menu. You can use Stardock to add a start menu, but you’d think Microsoft would’ve kept that option in. You use a ‘right-click’ in the lower left corner of the desktop screen to get the basic commands you’d normally find in a start menu.

– It can be used with or without a touch screen, but seems more focused on a touch screen.

– You can personalize Windows 8 to look and behave like Windows 7.

– Not all peripherals and programs are Windows 8 ready. I’ve had one customer who took her Windows 8 system back because it wouldn’t work her Windows 95 CD games. There’s an added step if you want to try to make older software work with the Win 8. (works with Windows 7 as well)

– You can still get computers with Windows 7, but generally, you need to order from the web and ask for it specifically. I felt I needed to learn it anyway, so that’s why I got it.

I should also note that the Windows 8 tablet allows you to run more than one app at a time. You can’t find too many apps (not as much as iPad and other tablets), but the Surface Pro can run any program like a real computer.

Let me know your thoughts on the Windows 8 or tablets, or even the MS Office 2013 version. I’d love to know how you deal with it, and if you know some tricks.


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