Not being me, but someone else


Writing fiction allow me to not be me, but someone else. I can be any number of characters, from heroes to villains, to the plucky sidekick, to the myriad tropes one finds in story telling.

elfrogueThis makes writing protagonist and antagonists entertaining and challenging. I figure out why someone would do villain-like things, without going so far into the Dark Side they become a caricature. Or the flawed character that has traits opposite to mine. Sometimes I pause to gauge what sort of decisions a character would make, based on their own strengths and weaknesses.

breaktime2It’s fun to go ‘head-hopping’ in stories, to write the story from one character’s point of view than another, to see how the scene changes.  I even lose track of time if I really get into it. I feel as though I’m living their lives, reality left behind.

Do you try to change the character in your stories? Do you change the age, gender, religion, or give them a major flaw they must contend with? Do you end up loving or hating your characters before/after you create them? Post in comments.




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