Domain Names

AWritersJourneyNETjpgI realized the other day that I should get a domain name. And if you don’t know what a domain name is-

A Domain name is the, which isn’t to say the same sub-domain, or complex web site address you find with blogs and some free web sites. The domain name enables you to have an easy-to-remember web address so people can find you.

Domain names are also separate from blogs and web hosts. You can have a free site/blog and still get a domain name that directs visitors to your site/blog. You change settings to ‘re-direct’ to where you want.

For instance, this blog is still, but I purchased my URL (web address) and set it to direct to my blog. I can change it later to a web site or even another blog if I want to.

Domain names will cost you between $5 – $20 or even more depending on the name and if someone already owns its. The average is about $9. You can sometimes find sales where they pretty cheap, as well.

Each domain name is unique. Each one specific. If I wanted the .com, I would have to contact the person who currently owns the .com version and make him an offer. I’m fine with the .net.

TIP: If you do go looking for a domain, BUY IT WHEN YOU SEE ITS AVAILABLE! Once you search, people will buy up the domain and ask for tons of money.

I use, but you can also use or All of which also offer web site hosting.


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