Feedback Trolls and Snerts

alieneyeI remember, back in the day of AOL chat rooms, the term ‘snerts’ described troll-like behavior. More importantly, this word stood for Snot Nose Egotistical Rude Twit. I think it certainly summed up exactly what we understand how the Internet Troll works.

In writing, we also find a number of Snerts who give feedback, but rather the critique ends up demolishing the writing, characters, and plot, not because of bad writing but because they are snerts.

Snerts who don’t understand or appreciate the genre. Although good writing expands well beyond a genre, it is a good idea to have someone give feedback on writing in the genre they are familiar with. For instance, I’m not very good with the romance stories because they follow a formula that I just can’t appreciate.

Snerts who love criticizing and don’t understand different types of feedback. Some writers look for a basic, overall, look at their manuscript. Does the story make sense? Do you like the characters? What parts did you like or don’t like? Other feedback gets into the nitty gritty of sentence structure and grammar. The best way of asking for feedback is explaining what you’re expecting from them. Explain what you need from the reader to reveal what needs to be fixed.

Snerts don’t understand the difference between  the writing versus the writer. Some feedback reflects the writer rather than the writing. If someone doesn’t like you, or holds a distain for your writing (or to the genre), do not expect good feedback.

Snerts expect you to make the changes to your edits. As the author, your decision to keep or cut things from  your work falls solely on your decision. A snert expects the writer to make those changes they mentioned. Remember, any edits are up to you.

Deal with snerts or find yourself being a snert? I know I’ve been a snert in the past. Post comments.


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