Teen Writers

teeninkNow and then I get asked by teenager writers, so I wanted to share a link and give some tips for the younger writers out there:

teenink.comTeen Ink has no staff writers; we depend completely on you to send writing, art, and photos. There is no charge to submit or be published. All submissions will be considered for publication in Teen Ink’s print magazine and website.

There are other sites you can publish, but they are for everyone. Lulu, Amazon Kindle Singles, and Createspace are just a few.

Also know a few facts:

  1. Check TOS (terms of service) when signing up for any site that publishing your writing. You want to make sure you keep your copyright in case you wish to publish somewhere else at a later date.
  2. Some writing will not be accepted as ‘publishable’ if its in print anywhere else, including the Internet.
  3. Any publishing requires marketing to get the word out so people want to read your book. Get people to review your work, let others know you’ve published a book, announce on your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. Create a book video on youtube. Learn how to market your book.
  4. Some self-publishing requires you to design your own book cover. Some offer a few choices, but you want something unique to your novel.

If you have your own tips you’d like to add, post in comments. I also love to hear comments and ideas from readers.


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