A Tip for Organizing Writing

WIP01This week, I’ve set to cleaning out my office of all unwanted and unnecessary files, folders, and junk that tends to accumulate.

I also cleaned out folders on my computer, and organizing them into something better. Here are a few folders added;

Work– This includes all files I work on for the week. This allows me to focus on just those specific items and reminds me to stick to it.

WIP (work in progress)- This folder includes all the unfinished short stories, novels, titles, prompts, and ideas I’ve accumulate and hope to work on. From here, I will pick the projects I want to focus on and put them in the ‘work’ folder. I organize them by project, which means the snippets and character biographies also get put into the specific project folder.

These will then be backed up to my Dropbox folder, so I can work on them at any time via laptop or even my iPhone.

If you have a tip, post or link in comments.


4 Replies to “A Tip for Organizing Writing”

  1. My tip? Scrivener. I absolutely love this program because its a word processor disguised as a vast organization tool. You can separate your work into separate drafts, chapters, scenes, and so on, and you can integrate character profiles, images, notes…all kinds of different things. Best of all, the functionality is there to organize everything exactly as you want it. There’s a bit of a learning curve when you first get it, but with a little bit of effort it really is an amazing tool for writers.


  2. I always find that the initial organisation itself is the easy bit – it’s the keeping it going once you start working. I end up with files everywhere, then start again from sorting it all out :/
    Good luck on getting – and keeping – organised! 🙂


    1. That’s interesting that its the process, not the planning that ends up with files. lol maybe try scrivener? I try to keep everything that’s dedicated to a project in a single folder, and try to organize them into other folders. Good luck


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