Heaven in a Bookstore

Some time ago, we lost one of the few bookstores in the area. Borders Bookstore became a vacant shell of memories (of coffee, magazines, and book). Alas, I missed the joy of sitting amid shelves of printed pages to browse and enjoy.

To my joy, we now have a 2nd and Charles. Its not a new bookstore, but a used bookstore. The quality, however, offers reduced prices, with many of the products in almost new condition. Ah heaven!

They also buy books, DVDs, comics, and video games. This is incredibly wonderful because now I can support my book addiction. You can choose between cash or store credit, with the store credit often being twice as much.

I found a section on Minecraft, that my son can appreciate. I also found a plush Companion Cube (from the Portal game), and a section of all sorts of neat Dr. Who items for the whovian addict.

For myself, I bought the first book in the Game of Thrones series, by R.R. Martin, and delightfully perused many other books I hope to add to my collection at a later date. I bought a number of books I think my son might enjoy (and read for homeschool). I might reread them myself;

Redwall by Brian Jaques

My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead

Hatcher by Gary Paulsen

I enjoy eBooks, but there’s something about having a paperback in your hands, to turn the pages, to smell the ink on the paper. Besides, used book can be cheaper than eBooks, anyway.

What are your thoughts on bookstores and how the industry seems to be turning to the electronic book? Post in comments.


2 Replies to “Heaven in a Bookstore”

  1. I’m so jealous. They replaced our Borders with BAM – it’s supposed to be the same thing, but it’s so not. If I ever see a 2nd and Charles, I will definitely have to stop.

    I love old bookstores – usually downtown, the wood floors bowing and creaking under your feet, that old, musty paper smell. They closed our last one last summer. You have to drive an hour to get to the next closest one. It’s sad, really. Big businesses kill our favorite Mom and Pop shops without batting an eye.


  2. Old bookstores just have more soul. I keep hearing people say that ebooks will kill the bookstores, but I know too many readers who still enjoy the printed page. Ebooks have their place, but so do printed books.
    Thanks for the comment!


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