Real life stealing my imaginary life

IMG_2170I don’t know how it keeps doing this, but Life continues to steal time and energy from my imaginary, fiction writing. Between homeschool, work, chores, and the myriad events that require my attention, my world of fiction ends up tucked away somewhere.

My excuses:

The unbearable heat. My office got very hot the past few days as summer-like weather persisted to interfere with spring. If it gets cold, I tuck myself under a lap electric blanket,  but when the temperature rises to unbearable levels, I depend on my husband to set up the air conditioner. Since we’re having work done on the house, with new windows to be put in (god only knows when), my husband says he’d rather wait. Sure, honey. I’ll just melt real quietly over here…

Homeschool interrupting. I often kidnap my son’s laptop to force him to come into the office to work on his homeschooling. Otherwise, he lurks under his bunk bed in his area he fondly refers to as his lair, where he played video games. Once he’s here, he remains, often distracting me from writing.

Birthday parties galore. We’re entering a time where the large family I come from demands almost every weekend to attend some birthday party. That’s a lot of cake and ice cream. I enjoy visiting with family, but the large crowds also stress me. I have a sister who coined the term ‘birthday hell’ when July rolls around because we every weekend has a party.

Work. Oh horrid work, where the responsibilities of being an adult keep stealing the fun times of making up stuff in stories. I’m just kidding, though. I love my work when I help people with their computers, or I babysit for my sister. It can take up blocks of time, however, I’d be otherwise engaged with sword fights, dragons, and the occasional monster.

I’m jesting…excuses are just that- excuses, and if I really set my mind to it, I’d be getting writing done. Stories roll around in my head all the time- in the shower, while I wash dishes, sometimes even when I play video games, but getting the words to paper require a block of time I can concentrate, to lose myself in the imaginary worlds, and not get drawn out from ‘real life’.

…even now, my son is behind me at his desk, taking a break from his homeschool, ready, at any time, to ask me a question, or make noise.

Eventually, I would like to be able to write despite whatever chaos is around me.


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