So many stories…so little time


I’m not sure if other writers have this problem but this past week, I’ve had some issues with figuring out which story to write.

It reminds me of how you throw more than one ball to a dog, and it doesn’t catch any of them. Yeah, kind of like that.

Organizing is helping, but I’m a typical Libra who waffles between decisions trying to find the best choices. Should I go with the short story, the non-fiction, or should I finish the stuff I already started?

I suppose I should let the Creative Muse decide for me; this way, I’ll be bursting with words. Or one would hope. She often abandons me without warning.

So far I organize with the following tips;

I setup each novel with its own folder. All notes, character biographies, and plot outlines get stuffed in there.

Any file I want to work on, I add the ! (exclamation point) in front of the word. For instance, !ThisBook. Why? Because it puts this at the top of the alphabetized list.

I don’t always write from the beginning. When I have issues where I’m not entirely sure where the story beings, I just start writing. Eventually, the plot will reveal where the story starts and where it will end.

What are your tips? Post in comments.



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9 responses to “So many stories…so little time

  1. I started using Scrivener more to try and get ideas and scenes thrown somewhere. I always have the beginning to middle of the plot together in my head, then the rest is up in the air.


  2. First I want to say that I’m just the same way…I can never decide what I want to work on, and I can never seem to stick to working on one thing at a time. At present I’m working on an epic fiction, whilst also dabbling in two different fanfictions and a supernatural romance, and in the meantime I also have a crap-ton of editing to do on my zombie apocalypse novel. I’m a wreck, plain and simple! lol

    Second, I’m going to also throw in my hat for Scrivener. You have to pay for it, of course, which is a downside, but it really is quite excellent for the disorganized writer. You can have all your scenes, character bios, background stories, notes, interviews, images, and what-have-you all in one spot and organized quite nicely. It also has different views (like the cork-board, which is super-neat-looking) and lots of little features that obviously have writers in mind (like the autosave!). If you’re willing to spend a couple of bucks it really is quite an excellent program.


    • I’ve tried the trial version of Scrivener but found there’s a bit of a learning curve. I went back to just plain old MS Word after that. I might revisit it at a later date, though.
      Wow. I sounds like you’re a busy writer! Nice to know I’m not alone with the juggling stories talent. 😉


      • I actually did the same thing the first time I checked out Scrivener. At first it just seemed weird and confusing, so I passed on it. Then they offered it for 50% off for NaNoWriMo winners, so I gave the demo another try to see if it might be worth it. It does take a little bit of learning and figuring out exactly how you want to utilize it, but I personally do think it’s worth the effort. 🙂

        Busy…yes…it’s a combination of that and being a little ADHD when it comes to writing. lol I find it SO hard to concentrate on one story from beginning to end!


  3. I make a detailed Table of Contents for all my books: list the chapters, their page numbers and a brief description. It helps me navigate.


  4. He he he, i have about 400 unfinished stories but most of them are handwritten in my notebooks. I really must start tansfering them to the laptop, but it seems like such an overwhelming task lol



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