Windows Live Writer- Awesome blogging tool

livewritreI find blogging through the Blogger or WordPress sites lacks certain formatting features I use on a regular basis.

Windows Live Writer (free download program) provides those features, and works with a number of blogging services. 

The features:

Backups– I found a number of times, I lost my blog posts due to a browser crash when using Blogger or WordPress web sites. Using the Live Writer lets me backup on my computer, or save as a draft (not published) to the web site. Once saved to my hard drive, I can back up to flash drive or cloud drive as I wish.

Formatting– I like adding graphics and embed videos into my posts, and the Live Writer makes it easier. I can also include HTML that Blogger/Wordpress might otherwise not allow me.

Choices for add ons- You can download extensions to Live Writer that will create tag/labels for you, make graphic appear as Polaroid’s, notifications to social sites, and more.

Allows choice– The blog services provide features, which are still there if I choose to use them, but I prefer to back to hard drive. I enjoy using the Live Writer program in addition to the blog post features the web sites provide.

Do you post directly or do you use a third party program to do your blogging? Post in comments.


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