Branding yourself

IMG_1326Branding is essential to any form of marketing something. I remember the three years of business classes in high school included ad nauseam the importance of branding a business.

But how does one brand writing?

  • Choosing a font, colors, and other visual based, memory provoking styles. This includes the genre you write in as well. For instance, when one thinks of Stephan King, his name evokes dark, shadowy things, or evil, sharp-toothed clowns, or foreboding hotels stock full of ghosts and madness. A romance-writer, on the other hand, might select a flourish, swirly font, or style of lips nearly touching, or something of a specific pink or purple. You know, things that reminds us the style of storytelling the author specializes.
  • Titles as branding. Having memorable book titles can also brand your unique style. Chris Baty’s, No Plot? No Problem! catches the attention and promises to help with plotting a book (for the National Writer’s Month).
  • Your blog or web site as branding. Jenny Lawson is a hilarious blogger known as ‘the bloggess’. Her brand? A cartoon with a woman in hair rollers. Her graphics incorporate the quirky style of writing she posts regularly. Using graphics, color, font, and style all incorporates your brand.

What are your tips for branding yourself as a writer? Add in comments.

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