Short story vs novels

IMG_1465I like the idea of writing short stories compared to novels. Either provide authors challenges as well as rewards, and today, I’d like to discuss them;

Short Stories


– Short stories are condensed plots. They quickly get to the point, and move along.

– Short stories tell the story within 10,000 words. For some plots, this can be a real challenge. Every word counts.

– Short stories offer hurdles in getting published, unless a magazine, or anthology.

– Short stories don’t earn as much as novels, but with the Internet and e-publishing, I think we’ll see changes in that regard.


– Short stories, obviously, don’t take the amount of time and rewrites as novels.

-Short stories have fewer characters to remember and wrangle.

– Short stories generally have one main conflict and perhaps an internal subplot.



– Novels range from 50,000 – 150,000 word story. This takes more time in drafting, rewriting, and editing the manuscript.

– Novels include a number of plots. This includes the main conflict, internal conflicts, and a series of subplots from various characters.


– Novels offer more space and time to draw out the story. You can explore, in depth, character and plot development.

– Novels earn more money, if and when you’re published.

– Novels offer a greater range of choice with word counts. Novellas run about 50,000 words, while novels run around 75,000-150,000.

I have a number of stories that expanded into novel length. I believe this is why short stories do not explain every little thing; its not necessary. You only include vital information to move the story along.

What’s your thoughts? Do you prefer short stories or novels? Have you written both? What tips or advice would you give would-be writers on the subject? Leave in comments.

How to write a short story


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