Wednesday Writer: Christina Nelson


Two of the things I look for in sites I share for Wednesday Writer is;

1) They have to do with writing in some sort of fashion. This could be either their personal experiences as an author, or sharing about the writing process.

And 2) have some sort of element of entertainment. This site has a bit of both.

Christina Nelson’s site includes a number of blog posts where she shares about her personal experience as a writer on the road to publication, with some amusing videos on the day to day stuff, too.

She includes videos from her YouTube channel.  There’s something very helpful in listening to the personal experiences she shares on her process, with the off-topic videos she shares to lighten things up.  I enjoyed her Hiding video, where she admitted to hiding from her novel, as well as The Novelist Rises to Defeat NaNoWriMo.

Leave her some nice comments and encourage her to write! Winking smile

Do you have web sites or authors you’d like to see as the Wednesday writer? Post in comments.


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