Some writing activities:

I decided to post some ideas to get the creative juices flowing for those of you who might be a bit stuck;

Use the following picture to practice writing about the senses. Imagine yourself diving in the water, and describe the experience. Use all the senses.


Consider the following quote on the idea of writing about things that scares you. This means you explore your phobias, innermost fears, nightmares, and darker aspects of yourself.  I have a fear of something happening to my son, so I might write a scene about a parent dealing with a lost child. It would be tough, but the idea is that you delve into what makes us human, and share that in your writing. (you can also add a happy ending later on)


Use the Snowflake method to brainstorm ideas. This can be fun in coming with new ideas. Start with a single thought, and start expanding in all direction with new ideas by using word association. For example, I might start out with dragons, which reminds me mountains, which makes me think of ice (and York Peppermint patties), and I also think of fire breathing, scales, armor, and flight. From each of those ideas, I can expand. With flight, I think of floating, falling, soaring, spaceships, eagles, a kite, a blimp… it goes on and on.

When you’re done, you can end up having a page or two on ideas. You can also use entire sentences if you want.

And keep writing!


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