A Smashing Idea- A writer’s smash book!

 On a whim, I decided to start a smash book for writing (and my other projects). The idea is that the smash book is more than just a journal, but where you can explore your creativity, and store things for resources for later. You can write, but also sketch, paste recipes, add photos or pictures, cards, and pretty much anything you can fit between pages.

The smash notebook cost about $10.00, but I altered a composition notebook instead. I did, however, get the smashbook pen . It includes a gluestick and a felt tip marker. I also use one of those 4-color pens by Bic. You can use colored pencils, or gel pens.

The smashbooks come with all sorts of pretty papers, so my altered composition is pretty dull in comparison, that is, until I added stamps, stickers, and all sorts of bling. You have to make it personal. Heck, you could compile your own papers and bind it in a 3-ring binder or something similar.

Altering the notebook was easy; Pick some pretty paper and cover the cover. I used the double sided sticky tape. Glue sticks tend to bubble or not cling well. I have scrapbooking stuff, so I made the corner elements and numbers. I use a rubber  band to keep it shut because I taped envelopes to store cards (to write ideas) on as well as other stuff I intend on ‘smashing’ into it.

If you make your own, you could potentially find any size notebook and use that. Just add notes, stick ideas, cards, pictures, etc.

My pages include;

  • Plot outline section.
  • Character pages- I paste pictures off the Web or from magazines, or write a brief description, history, and their inner conflict.
  • Setting pages- When I get ideas, sometimes inspired from video games, exotic locations, or from where ever, I will add a sketch, description, etc in the pages.
  • Title pages- Sometimes I will brainstorm title ideas. These often lead to story ideas as well.
  • Project page- This one is important. I post the main stories I’m currently writing. I want to also add a word count challenge page so it prompts me to write every day. (I mark this page with a special tag to get it to it fast).
  • Prompt page- This is where I post, sketch, and add ideas for writing.

Sure it’s a mess…creativity is like that. What do you think? Interested in doing a writer’s smash book? What would go into your book?

Post in comments.


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