Adventures of Iphone writing

I love my little Iphone. Its compact, filled with useful tools, and I can take it anywhere. So it makes sense I should have an app that will allow me to write story plots, articles, ideas, character bio, and anything else that sparks my fancy while I’m out and about in life.

Here are some apps I use and how I use them as a writer;

Evernote– (free) This is a note-taking app, where you can create folders or files. I have folders entitled ‘Writer Blog’ or ‘Story plot ideas’, or ‘Projects’. Not only can you use Evernote on an Iphone, but also Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry, and more, and more than one. I have it for my Windows 7 system, but also my Iphone 4S. I even downloaded the Google Chrome extension that allows me to ‘snippet’ web sites, articles, or graphics I find online.

Office2 or Smart Office– ($4.99) This is an office suite app that includes word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation apps all in one. This handles the DOC or DOCX files but also PDF. You can format documents to a degree, including insert pictures, and sending via the app to email or even print. You can download to Iphone, Android, and soon Windows phones.

Dropbox– (free) This app offers a backup/sharing service for all sorts of files, not just documents. Its known as cloud storage. You can upload documents from the computer and download to the phone, or the other way around as well. You can also share files or entire folders with others. You get 2 GB free but can upgrade to more. Download for IOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Iphone also includes in the IOS already;

Voice memo– This is great to talk your way through scenes, store character profiles, or take notes.

The Camera can easily take pictures you can use later for scenes, or take photos of potential characters, or snap a picture of clothing/objects you want to use in your novel.

Some tips to use phone apps and writing;

  • The Iphone 4S includes speech recognition I use to simply speak what I want to type. Dragon Dictation (free) can be used for the Iphone or Android as well.
  • Be sure to save files in a format you can easily share between word processing programs. The easiest being TXT or RTF without formatting the document.  I found the apps didn’t allow me to edit an already formatted document imported into it.
  • I use Siri to ask how to spell words, or look up topics on the web. Siri often responds with dictionary or web site links for me.

What apps do you use? Post in comments.


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