Personalize blog header tip


I felt my fellow writer-bloggers might find this tutorial helpful in personalizing their site.

Specific for wordpress users, you can also find tutorials on how to personalize Blogger themes here.

If you need a program or web site service to edit or create a graphic, consider these options:

GIMP– this is a free program similar to Photoshop that enables the user to use layers and create some neat effects. There is something of a learning curve however to master using it.

Sumopaint– this is an online service that allows you to layer and use fundamental commands to create and/or edit graphics. editor is another online service that lets you create/edit graphics, and includes filters to create some neat effects.

Need some ideas:

  • Take photos of your books or even a portrait of yourself to add to the header.
  • Use ‘screenshots’ and assemble a pile of papers (like I did with my header) of your writing, and put at the header.
  • Use writing tools such as pencil, pen, keyboard, ipad/iphone, or spines of books such as dictionary, thesaurus, or your own novels.

Check out these writer blogs for inspiration (or just be impressed)

M.S. Fowle– Sleek and direct, this site shows nice color balance. its easy to navigate, and includes links directly to her writing, including bookcovers. Her posts are a nice balance of graphics and text.

No Page Left Blank– Another sleek design, with pages to her bio page, with easy to navigate pages that includes categories, and recent posts. This seems more text based than other sites, but the simplicity work great.

Invisible Ink– This site offers more color and flourish, including a lovely header, eye-catching background (without overshadowing the text), and includes easy-to-navigate buttons and links.

These are just a few to appreciate the various styles writers use to share their writing on the web.

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