Writers bashing writers

I’ve been reading posts on the topic of writers bashing writers, such as the case of Stephan King bashing Stephanie Myers. It bothered me, reading a published author publically putting down another writer- despite my own opinion on her writing. It still bothered me.

I’ll tell you why-

This isn’t new. Other authors through history have done the same.  Some are surprisingly vicious about it too. Mark Twain was very vocal about writers such as Frost, Steinbeck, and even Shakespeare. This illustrates how opinionated an author can be, feeling vindicated in their craft to tear apart someone else’s, but it really centers on the topic of opinion,

I think to openly critique another is bad form. You’re not just critiquing the author, but the writing, and even their fans. Sometimes this extends to the genre itself. Opinion or not, such public bashing reflects more on the bash-er than the bash-ee. 

What’s your thoughts? Do you have strong opinion on an author’s writing? Do you blog about it? Share in comments.




5 Replies to “Writers bashing writers”

  1. I have brought up the King vs Meyer topic myself once or twice and, like you, it bothers me. I’ve said myself, in private circles, that I don’t think Meyer is a good writer by any stretch, but that doesn’t mean her work can’t be enjoyable, in the same way that some people live for B-movies even though they’re schlock. I hate seeing authors bash other authors because, again as you said, it’s really more about opinion than anything else. If a writer has terrible grammar or can’t spell their way out of a paper bag, or something like that, feel free to call them on it, but calling a published author who has sold millions of books every name under the sun and proclaiming their work to be complete crap is, in my opinion, petty, and I don’t like it at all.


  2. I’ve been the target of another author bashing me…publicly and privately–to the point of creating a webblog that had fake restraining orders (claiming I drove from NY to FL to beat her up…never happened) and even called my place of employment! There is a dark side to being successful and law enforcement is simply not interested in what they deem a “cat fight” despite my silence during four months of harassment.


      1. No. It continues. I ignore it. The law doesn’t protect authors when it comes to this harassment. But, she’s only hurting her own reputation because most people know it’s her. We even traced the IP address to her town in Florida. Small minded people do small minded things. Jealousy is an evil all on its own…


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