The alternatives to NaNoWriMo

pcpastelI’ve mentioned before my experiences with the National Writing Month. This year, I will pass on the grueling ordeal and opt to explore alternatives to writing goals.

Some authors/writers who write on a different path;

Unofficial NaNoWriMo– Sharing her writing goals for the month and created a Facebook page for anyone who wishes to do the same.

MiniWriMo- 250 words a day seems reasonable, but also allows for works-in-progress, daily writing exercises, short stories, or even journals.

GloManiFesto stands for Global Manifesto Writing Month where you write ‘a public declaration of intentions, opinions,objectives, or motives, as one issued by agovernment, sovereign, or organization.’

My 500 Words: An Alternative to NaNoWriMo– Keeping a reasonable word count per day.

As you can see, there are many ideas floating around out there to make November a productive month.

Feel free to post your own thoughts, ideas, comments, or goals for November Novel Writing Month.


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