The dread of NaNoWriMo

nanowrimo2012I haven’t decided if I will join in the many other writers for the National Novel Writing Month starting November 1st. It’s a grueling test of writing endurance; writing 1700 words a day, reaching 50,000 within one month’s time.

The pros include;

Sets word count goals. Even if you were to match half the word count, you may find you’re writing more than you did before.

Forces you to write through whatever writer’s block. I found it rather cathartic, at times, to write through issues such as style and creativity. The idea is that you can always edit and clean it up later.

Gives you a 50,000 word novel at the end of the month. You may find you’re ahead with chapters and word counts than if you didn’t join the contest.

The cons include;

The word count can be grueling. My hands ached from all the typing, which I tried to get out of the way in the early hours of the day. Some days I had to double the count due to setbacks or other issues, but I still managed to complete the novel.

You may not be entirely happy with results such as quality. I realized when it was completed that I wasn’t happy with the quality of the story at all. Despite plotting beforehand, I found the last third of the story took a life of its own. The characters took over and led me in other directions I didn’t like.

The 50,000 word count is more of a novella than novel. This is around 200 pages, and some publishing companies might not want to look at it. However, you will have the bulk done, ripe for the editing process, and you can add more details and scenes at that time.

And what do you get if you reach your goal? You get a printable certificate and a graphic to post on your web site or profile. I would also suggest giving yourself a reward, such as a new book, a cupcake, a trip to the spa, or whatever else you deem worthy of the feat.




6 Replies to “The dread of NaNoWriMo”

  1. I’m better at writing than calculating numbers but, 1,700 words per day comes to 42 words per minute! That’s incredible! I can’t even think that fast. Good luck everyone!!



    1. I found drinking Rum helped me achieve the NaNoWriMo the one year. I doubt I’ll do it this year- or maybe I will modify it for myself, print myself a certificate, and eat tons of cupcakes after. 😉


  2. I know it’s suppose to be 50,000 words and that’s what you should aim for, but…..I know lots of people who just use it as a way of getting as many words as possible written 😉 If you on,y end up with 10,000 more words than you had before then, in my view, it’s been worth it!

    Good luck if you decide to go for it 😉



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