Wednesday Writer: QQproductions


QQproductions is an interesting blog that has a number of useful posts with writing-related topics that you might find useful if not interesting.

Some posts:

Inside the mind of an artists; Reasons why writers write.

Creative Writing Tip #1- Finding your voice

About the author;

My name is Patrick Samuel. I have written an entire book, then burned it for fun… Okay, I wrote a book and realized I screwed up big time when revising and now am working on another book of a completely different series. I think I have skill at this sort of thing I just don’t have any achievements to show it. I began 3 books so far but have not finished any of them. Holy crap, I just made myself sound like a quitter! Welcome to my blog.

I hope he posts more, and perhaps adds a tag cloud or something I can navigate through topics on the blog. Otherwise, check him out and help support a fellow writer.


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