Blogs to books

I was surprised to find that some bloggers end up publishing their blogs into book format, and finding some success with that.

What a cool and fun way of getting a book out there! I like the idea, but not sure if any of my blog can reach that level of worth. I feel my posts are  bit too disjointed and rambling, and the idea of trying assemble the information into any semblance of book format is daunting.

But let’s explore this topic;

Self publish your blog. At any time, you could import your blog entries into a word processor, freshen it up, edit formatting, and publish through any number of avenues on the Internet. Ideally, you’d want a book deal with a publishing company. To get that; you need to get thousands of hits to your blog. Even a self-published book requires a hefty following to make it worthwhile.

With any writing, consider your audience. With this blog, my readers are would-be writers, or authors who are just starting out. My Moon and Shadow blog appeals to those interested in the earth centered religions, with a focus on faith and spirituality. I post topics that I think the audience would enjoy, to share things that might interest them or maybe entertain them.

Blogs can lead to book deals. Some authors find they are approached by publishing companies or agents interested in a book deal. You find books such as Julie Powell’s Julie and Julia , or ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income are just two examples of how bloggers turned into books.

From Blogger To Author (video)-

Blog to Book Deal, by Problogger

What are your thoughts? Would you want to publish your blog to a book? Have you read any of the books written by a blogger? Post in comments.


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