Using our personal pain in writing


I love the Quotes4Writers posts on Twitter, with this one as one that hits close to home.

Painful events are often the most profound learning lessons in our Life. It tests our endurance, and culls out the uselessness of our characteristics that strengthens us for the future.

This should be added for your characters as well, where you throw a lot of troubles to see if they rise to the occasion. Will they make it? More importantly, will they grow from the experience?

Consider your own painful experiences, and how they could potentially be added to a story. How did you grow? Did it make you stronger, or did the experience manifest a habit or fear? These are all gold for storytelling.

Prompt: Write about a time you felt strong fear or anger. Using a freewriting technique, write about that experience, and use words and metaphors to craft a piece of emotional reading. You don’t have to share this if you don’t want to; its only to serve as an exercise.


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