Which blog to use…?

The other day I was talking to someone about the pros and cons of the blogs I’ve used over the years. I’m partial to WordPress, for designs and the bells and whistles it offers me. Blogger also provides some ease of use, but its frustrating to get the RSS feeds to embed in web sites when I want them.

WordPress.com or WordPress.org? They are different. WordPress.com is a free service you work through a browser. you sign into your account and from there, you can switch themes, add or edit posts, import and export the posts, and manage the comments. 

WordPress.org, however, is hosted on a web site host and you manage it through that. This link explains it a bit better than I can. I’ve used both and found the .org version of WordPress never found the numbers of hits I get with the .com version. Of course, the .com version also was established first.

Blogger, on the hand, is a bit easier to navigate, offering less confusion, and limited choices. Limited choices means fewer mistakes, but also less personalization. You can also monetize through your account, since Blogger is also run by Google and Adsense. By using this (through the Blogger account) it will add small ads to your posts or blog web site without you having to add any HTML at all.

But why have a blog at all as a writer? Well, for starters, a blog offers a write the means to connect with fans and even potential agents and editors. You can build a fan base even before you publish anything, and present  yourself (hopefully in a professional manner) to the world of writing through the Internet. It’s great for networking.

There are other blogs out there as well;





But I don’t have anything to write about! If you think this, than why are you a writer at all? Even mundane things can be entertaining with the right author. Share your own journey towards publishing or struggles with writing, or even post excerpts so people can read them.

Some neat author blogs:

Lyn Flewelling liveJournal

Will Wheaton (you might remember him from Star Trek Next Generation but he writes too)

Jeff Goins Writer

Courage to Create

These are just a few and you can find tons more. Look up your favorite author to see if they have a blog and read what they blog about. Its very entertaining.


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