The Mobile Reader

As I’ve written previously enough times, I’m a huge supporter of the Independent writer, who gets their stuff ‘out there’ for the e-readers, and keeps the relationship between storyteller and reader intimate and direct.

Even bloggers provide a valuable resource of shared knowledge and storytelling of every day life, or commentaries. This leads to the topic of ‘the mobile reader’- the people who read blogs, articles, news, and books via e-readers such as RSS readers, Kindle, Nook, or the numerous apps used to read these types of files.

Blogs in particular are often read through the Android or IPhone, and I only recently realized that many blog services offer a way to let your readers read your blog accordingly;

bloggerappBlogger offers an app for bloggers to blog on the go. don’t forget to also check  your Blogger settings by going into your account, selecting Template, and choosing if you want a mobile or desktop template as the default.

WordPress also offers their app so you can blog via Ipad, Iphone, Android, etc. You should also check out your settings for your WordPress blog by going to the Dashboard>Appearance>Mobile and checking the mobile options.

I prefer the Google Reader to gather and read the blogs I’ve subscribed to.

I’m not as familiar with the other blog services, so you’ll need to check your settings and see what they offer. If you have another blog service that offers something similar, or use another RSS reader, please post in comments and add comments. I’d love to hear other’s opinions.



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