What I look for in a blog

samp626bc78774f75a42I’m a speed reader, so I can cover quite a bit of ground on my online travels through blogs in very little time. So when I happen upon a ‘good’ blog, I will book mark and visit later, while ‘bad’ blogs get forgotten quickly.

Here is what I look for in a blog-

  • Posts of a reasonable length filled with good information. Don’t waste my time with lengthy posts of mundane stuff, impress me with your storytelling.  I want to find information fast, or be entertained; preferably at the same time.
  • Links so I can navigate the rest of your blog. I’m stunned when I visit a blog where I can’t find a way to explore other than sorting through post after post.  Worse still when my only option is to sift through posts by date. Dates on another blog mean nothing to me- add links by topic or tags.
  • I can leave a comment. I realize this may open your blog to the world of griefers and snerts (snot-nosed-egotistical-twits), but engaging your readers opens up opportunities for growth and sharing of knowledge, as well as the positive responses.
  • I can learn more about you. I get curious about the author of the posts I read. Include a bio or ‘about me’ page to introduce yourself. I really love to find if you have other blogs or web sites I can explore.
  • I can read samples of what you’ve written. If you’re a writer, for God’s sake, post your work where I can find them! Even if its fanfiction, a poem, or a sample chapter. Let me get a sample of your writing skills.
  • I can read posts that include proper grammar and punctuation. Just because you write informal blog doesn’t mean you should get away with lazy writing. Your blog, as an author, will reflect your writing skills. I found some blogs where the writing was terrible enough to convince me to not read their published writing.

What do you look for in a blog? Post in comments or post a blog and add in a link in comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


2 Replies to “What I look for in a blog”

  1. Assistance. I’m looking for answers and rarely read a random blog. I’m searching, at the same time, for ideas about blogging, not the content of the blog but rather the style and technical aspects (ie WordPress vs. Blogger). I enjoy short and to the point pieces, maybe because I’m part-lazy and short on time. I do share good blogs via Twitter/FB and who wants to share nonsense except on April 1??


    1. Those are good points. I agree with short pieces too. A lengthy post has to entertaining and provide valuable information to make its length worthwhile, otherwise, get to the point. Thanks for the commment


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