Wednesday Writer: Jackson Pearce


I discovered an author, Jackson Pearce, during one of my many distractions of YouTube. Her entertaining channel covers the writing journey, but also a number of other topics. The ones on writing are very helpful.

Some of the ones I found most helpful:

How Bookstores Are Stocked– This is important to understand for those publishing through traditional means.

How a Book Becomes a Movie– I found this entertaining, since I love to daydream about my stories getting on the big screen. (A writer can dream, can’t she?).

Being an Author–  This video really spoke to me. I felt so much the same in regards to writing…except I’m not published (via a publishing company) like her.

Naming Characters– Awesome video with ideas on naming characters in your story.

She has so much more on her YouTube video channel.

I have yet to read her books. I’m intrigued with the plots, where she uses fairy tales but adds a new twist to them.


Check out her books on her Amazon Page.

Post in comments your thoughts.


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