Trouble with fiction fairies

waterfairy01-medFor the past month of so, I’ve been plagued by not one story plot, but three. Each story (and its characters) demand attention, nagging at my writing time to get a certain word count, where I feel like a dog with three balls thrown at me.

Which one to pick?

I’m trying a few methods;

Pick the one story that catches your attention the most and focus on that one story. I’d love for this to work best, but alas, I’m finding while I write a scene, the other stories continue to nag at me.

Pick a word count and write every day on each one. This lends to the idea of a ‘professional’ writer writes regardless of the creative juices, but I’m finding focusing on too many things each day tends to rob quality on all of them.

Alternate days (weeks, months) for each story. This works best for me, where I can switch amid the stories and scenes and concentrate on which one demands attention the most. When other stories demand attention, I take strength in knowing ‘you’ll get your turn soon’, and it seems to quiet the characters for the time being.

Do you ever have this issue, more than one story demanding to be written? What methods do you use to choose? Post in comments below.

Writer’s Prompt: Use the photo below to write on the topic of gender. Sometimes stories can be unique and refreshing simply by changing the gender, age, or even species of the character.



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