Amazon’s KDP experiment

kdpI signed up with my short story to the KDP Select (Kindle Direct Publishing) published via Amazon Kindle Singles for the experiment to see if this program will help market or earn me more exposure. I found this following articles on the topic:

Is KDP Select Salvation or Damnation for Indie Authors? The author provides some insight on the pros and cons of using KDP.

Amazon: To KDP Select, Or Not? The author shares her experiences, and shares even the number of sales to her experience. Very helpful.

Make the KDP Select  Program Work For You. An excellent post that includes the author’s experience but also some great advice on marketing.

How KDP Select Saved My Book. Another author’s experience with KDP Select. I also like how he shares his thoughts on how things work, and his efforts to market (and results). Very helpful.

I’ll post my own experiences in future posts.

Add your experiences or opinion of this service in comments below. You can also post a blog and post the link in the comments.


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