Writing isn’t very healthy…

MB900059725Ok, maybe not the writing as much as sitting while you write isn’t so healthy. If you’re like me and love to surf the Net for hours on end, in between writing, gathering research and ideas, blogging, emailing, and other such fun with the computer (and let’s not forget gaming!), then you should consider the following article;

Sitting Kills: This will make you move. I’m not one for believing in everything I find on the Web, or going along with the scare tactics one would find in such articles, but it does make a strong, and valid point; inactivity is just not healthy.

So I’m sharing a few tips for writers out there to keep moving and staying healthy.

  • Reminder timers. This handy applications can not only alert you for the length of time you spend on the computer, but you can set alarms to remind you to exercise, move, get out of the house, and so forth.

Fadetop- Desktop break reminder

Dejal Timeout for Mac user

Five Apps to help remind you to take a break. (Win, Linix, Mac)

  • Break up workouts through the day. Instead of setting aside the 30-60 minutes workouts, break things up through the day to keep moving in 10-15 minute workouts.

Exercise while sitting at your desk.

29 Exercises you can do near and at your desk.

How to exercise at  your desk (article includes video that shows easy exercises you can do).

  • Check the heartbeat. Cardiovascular ties directly with the heart rate and how its increased through exercise.

Target Heart rate- just put in the information and it will do the calculations for you.

The truth about the fat-burning zone.

What is heart rate? What is a healthy heart rate?

Remember that getting off the computer, taking a walk, a bike ride, a hike along a trail, or other forms of exercise provides oxygen to the brain, and I’ve found many times it gives me ideas that pop up from nowhere.


3 Replies to “Writing isn’t very healthy…”

  1. I think you were just channeling my dad. He’s a physical therapist, and always giving me crap about the way I sit in my office chair. I try to mix it up – my desk to the couch to my bed. And I make myself go for a walk, which helps me clear my head or sort out what I want to write next.
    Thanks for reminding us to not neglect our bodies while our minds are working so hard. 😉


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