Blog Marketing Tip: Kindle Badges

newstexIf you’re a blogger, or better yet- a writer and a blogger- consider submitting your blog to Amazon Kindle Publishing for Blogs and adding a badge to your site.

Its easy with Newstex, which also offers a graphical button for Blogs on demand. Their Kindle badges are eye-catching, free, and I found pretty easy to add. Simply insert as HTML snippet or widget. 

I’ve added this blog as well as three others, and make a little money without marketing much at all. More people subscribe through email or ‘follow’ me, but some people enjoy reading via their Ipad or Iphones.

My tips for writer/bloggers who want to publish their blogs;

  • Be sure to have a blog schedule. The publishing process asks you how often you post to your blog. Its also good marketing advice to blog regularly for your readers, anyway.
  • Post to the theme. This means if you’re writing about being a writer, don’t post about what you had for dinner last night or what you’re doing with the kids. Readers come to the site for a specific theme, and have expectations as such.
  • Have an original theme. You’ll need a screenshot of your blog to post and advertise, and its far better to have a personalized blog theme than a template.

What do you think? Do you think you’ll publish your blog, or are you satisfied at your blog stands now? Post in comments.

7 Replies to “Blog Marketing Tip: Kindle Badges”

    1. Yes. Readers will pay $1.99-$.99 to be able to read your blog on a Kindle. I have both options here on my blog- Amazon kindles, but also regular subscribing as well. Bloggers earn thirty cents for each subscription.


  1. thank you for this, two things, firstly Amazon decide the price of your blog and they can offer it for free for a trial period and secondly, how do I add a ‘subscribe to this blog on kindle’ widget to my blogger! any help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Although Amazon does make changes to how much they charge their customers for your book/story, you can choose between 70% or 30% revenue earnings. I don’t consider I’ll ever be rich for my blogging, but since I’m doing it anyway, and I have readers who prefer to read via Kindle or other ebook reader, I offer it through my site.
      As for adding Kindle badges, you will need to know your Kindle store URL. Edit the HTML code found at to reflect your kindle store. Once you do that (I edit in Notepad), then open Blogger in draft, and go to the Blog’s Layout. You should see blocks you can edit and make changes. Click ‘add gadget’ and select HTML/Javascript. Copy/paste the HTML code for the kindle badge there. Don’t forget to preview to make sure it works correctly. I hope this helps you out.


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