Write like the wind RR Martin

This song, Write Like the Wind, really hit home for me as so many writers simply don’t write fast enough to put fresh novels into my greedy hands.

I remember with fanfiction, often seeing my readers pleading (or gently prodding) for me to add another chapter. Its nice to feel needed, but sometimes I felt it was better to wait for the muse to spark something than write crap.  Now I see the merit of writing anyway, or at last working on the story in some capacity. Winking smile

– I will rework scenes, paragraphs, and sentences.

– I use grammar and spellcheckers to find weak verbs, dialog tags, and other elements of the story, and work on that through an editing process.

– I write a scene I will add later.

What are your thoughts on this topic-  Do you feel pressure from readers to write faster, or do you, as a reader, wish for authors to write more of their novel series? Post in comments.


4 Replies to “Write like the wind RR Martin”

  1. I hope that I get faster as it is am quite slow but I think confidence plays a huge part for writers like myself working on their first novel it is very much a case of trying to just get words down and stop pausing to analyse every sentence in the first draft


    1. You should try NaNoWriMo then, which teaches you need to write, write a lot, and ignore that inner editor. You write 50,000 words in 30 days. I did it twice, accomplished once, and likely never, ever go through that again, but the NaNoWriMo is like a ‘writer’s bootcamp’, stripping down to the core to see what you’re made of. 😉


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