Writers are insane

Earlier today I was cleaning out my My Documents folders to check for copies or incomplete ideas that needed organizing. I found a number of unfinished stories, ideas, title lists, and plethora of character and plot summaries.

Good lord, I felt as though I was slipping down a rabbit’s hole, into the light-hearted insanity of my brain.

I believe we must be a bit insane to be writers, to delve into the darkness of our souls to provoke villains and manifest bad things to happen to good characters. More importantly, writers need to think outside the lines, to push our brains into new ideas or twists plots, characters, settings, or other elements of storytelling into something interesting.

And  I love my fellow writers out there, who are so unique in their thinking, and you can see that fire in their eyes when they start to share a new story idea. I feel less crazy then.

Friday’s prompt: Brainstorm titles. Spend the next few days listening to music, watching TV, reading books, and make lists of potential titles for stories and novels you will write. This can be a fun activity with a freewriting technique as well.

Here a music video to get you started…(you can also write scenes that comes to mind, thoughts you think the singer is thinking, or whatever that sparks your interest. Doris Day- Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps


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