paperraterNothing takes the place of actual feedback on your writing. You should know that feedback generally involves three stages from the initial impression of the manuscript, to plot, theme, and other elements, to the final stage of grammar and punctuation.

This is where I like Don’t get me wrong- no program really offers 100% accuracy in this area. Why? Mainly because it doesn’t recognize that sometimes, its ok to break the writing rules. Sometimes, its okay to use passive voice, or slang, or informal language.

As always “Know the writer’s rules to understand when you can break them”.

That being said, the site offers a nice FREE service where you can cut and paste large section of writing and have the service rate it. You get a handy report that breaks it all down as well.

I’ve looked at a site called as well (which seems to be down right now), but I find their free version limits the words you can have checked, and then you find fees start to accrue.

Post in comments your thoughts on automatic, robot-driven paper checkers, or your own experiences with this type of service.


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  1. When agreeing to the Terms Of Use on Paperrater, they state you can not use the material for any commercial purpose. Does this apply to a manuscript I’m writing for commercial publication? I have not found a way to contact anyone at paperrater to ask this question.


    1. No. You retain copyright. In the TOS it states “You retain all patent, trademark, and copyright to any Material submitted.” So you’re good. I believe the TOS wants to be sure people are submitting their own stuff, not something by someone else.


  2. As an instructor, I’ve used Grammarly and they have steadily raised their fees in the past two years. Quite personally, it’s not worth what they’re asking because one semester I had a student turn in an essay in which few sentences actually had a subject. Grammarly recognized all of the sentences as commands, when in fact they were fragments. I just ran an essay through Paperrater to try it out, and for student help, I can’t complain. At least it’s free and it identifies areas they need to look at. As an author, I actually wouldn’t recommend either. I used Grammarly one month to run a novel through it by chapters, when it was much cheaper, and there were several mistakes that it didn’t pick up. Of course, professional editors are missing errors these days, too…


    1. Excellent point- Its always best to get your work professionally editing, if you can afford it, but as you say, I’ve found printed, ‘professionally published’ books with errors in it. I’m glad readers, generally, forgive grammar, spelling, and even misuse of words if the story offers a compelling plot and interesting characters.
      Thanks for the comment!


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