Designing book covers

wishImayI’m very close to publishing a short story I wrote, however, I’m finding frustration in the design of my book cover. As I’m self-publishing, I can pick and choose what I want to illustrate the story, but that’s where being a typical Libra becomes a cage of indecision.

I wrote a post some time ago on the topic of book covers. I learned that published authors generally have no say in the design (the publishing company decides), and sometimes the designer is limited based on the criteria given to them.  Its business, in the hopes the cover catches the reader’s eye, to stir curiosity in the book to be bought.

Self-doubt plays havoc with my judgment on this topic, when its my decision. I can see why authors let publishing companies decide for them, or you hire someone to do this for you. One would hope the designer would have some idea on what readers want for a cover. I’m not sure I do. I know what I like, but that doesn’t mean anything remotely what the general populous enjoys.

So what are your thoughts on this topic; what should a book cover do for the author as well as the reader? Post in comments below.

Writer’s Prompt: Look up book covers you have at home and take note of design, color, and even the fonts included. Now take notes on what you’d like as covers to your own books, including short stories, poems, and non-fiction works you may be working on.


7 Replies to “Designing book covers”

  1. It can be frustrating creating your own book covers. Even if you know exactly what you want, you’re limited by your own abilities or trying to find someone who can create it for you. But making your own covers can also be fun and bring out an artistic side you didn’t know you had.
    P.S. is my favorite resource for unrestricted stock. 😉
    Good luck!


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