Updated theme & recent events

So I updated the blog theme to something a bit more personal. I used some screenshots of actual pages I wrote,  and published, and added some writer’s paraphernalia. A post it note reminding me to write, and ba-da-boom! I have my theme.

Every blog service offers the free themes, but you may come to a point you want to personalize. The main trick is to copy the main graphic, and create a new one at the same size ratio, same name, and saved in the same format, then replace.

WordPress.com, I realized, has under the ‘Appearance’ section something called ‘header’. There you can easily upload a new graphic to replace the old one.

Blogger.com provides a Template Designer which is a click-and-build. From there, you can change font, color, layout, background, and other elements.

I’m not familiar with other blog services.

It’s a good idea to update your blog’s layout, template, and/or graphics if only to keep them fresh and attractive.


2 Replies to “Updated theme & recent events”

  1. Thanks for the tips! I want to change my theme when my next book comes out, so I’ve been playing with a few “previews” and noticed that changing the header image always comes out funky.
    I like your new look! 😉


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