Changes to provoke changes


It seems so gloriously simple; the idea that trying something different, to get different results, that you’d think anyone would adapt accordingly. Not so. I continue to fall into old habits, imagining them as comfortable, when they serve only to drive me insane (see Einstein’s quote).

So I’ve been making serious changes around here in the hopes of seeing different results. So far, so good.

My secret?

I got my hair cut. Every time I look in the mirror, I tell myself I’m different; I look different, and therefore must do things differently to move ahead in life.

– I do weekly goals instead of monthly goals now. This impacts my productivity so I see results almost immediately now.

I shifted around daily routines so it forces me to be aware of old habits and if they try to creep back into my life. No more wasting mornings on the Internet- the StayFocused addon to my Google Chrome stops me from looking at Facebook, Pinterest, and other sites. More importantly, it reminds me to get back to work.

I open documents I need to work on first, which prompts me to do something about them. This often includes editing, adding, and adjusting the story/article as needed.

– I treat myself as if I were my own mother. Not my real mother- she ignored me most of my life- but the mother I am to my son. I nag about getting things done, remind myself through the day about things, and give myself a ‘good job’ pep talk as needed.

Being sick for this past week, and still enduring through sniffles and coughing, I find I have to get back to usual and get things done. I thank my readers for being patient with my absence. Winking smile

A writer’s prompt:

Consider this picture and think of a short story based upon the scene. Is this a stalker? Someone lost? Are they following, or are they leading?


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