Sick as a walrus but some handy links

MB900059725So I caught my son’s cold this weekend, and just as I assured myself that it couldn’t feel worse, it does. Whatever plans this weekend were cancelled, and I remained housebound, blowing my nose, snuffling like a walrus, coughing, aching, and cursing my bad luck.

I’m finding, however, this lack of being able to do much of anything tends to clog up the creative juices. I was on such a roll last week, too. I nearly finished reworking a short story to publish, and had two more ideas for short stories ‘in the works’. That, too, came to a screeching halt.

Darn you, stupid cold germs!

So I offer a few links to interesting articles instead of anything creative or interesting on my part;

PaperGrader- online analyzer of your writing. I love using these things to see where I’ve gone wrong, and more often than not, where I’ve gone right.

Kindle Blog Publisher– want to add your blog to Kindle? Its easy, free, and you can earn a bit of money without being obnoxious about it.

Kindle-singles publishing site– If you have a story read to publish, check out this site. Remember to read through guidelines.

Free printable blog planner– I use Evernote and a MS Word spreadsheet to organize myself, but this is handy too.

Writing Tips at OpenLearn– tons of interesting and informative articles on writing.

Querytracker- find agents and publishers for your work.


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