Sick as a walrus but some handy links

MB900059725So I caught my son’s cold this weekend, and just as I assured myself that it couldn’t feel worse, it does. Whatever plans this weekend were cancelled, and I remained housebound, blowing my nose, snuffling like a walrus, coughing, aching, and cursing my bad luck.

I’m finding, however, this lack of being able to do much of anything tends to clog up the creative juices. I was on such a roll last week, too. I nearly finished reworking a short story to publish, and had two more ideas for short stories ‘in the works’. That, too, came to a screeching halt.

Darn you, stupid cold germs!

So I offer a few links to interesting articles instead of anything creative or interesting on my part;

PaperGrader- online analyzer of your writing. I love using these things to see where I’ve gone wrong, and more often than not, where I’ve gone right.

Kindle Blog Publisher- want to add your blog to Kindle? Its easy, free, and you can earn a bit of money without being obnoxious about it.

Kindle-singles publishing site- If you have a story read to publish, check out this site. Remember to read through guidelines.

Free printable blog planner- I use Evernote and a MS Word spreadsheet to organize myself, but this is handy too.

Writing Tips at OpenLearn- tons of interesting and informative articles on writing.

Querytracker- find agents and publishers for your work.

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2 responses to “Sick as a walrus but some handy links

  1. Kids, huh… walking germs.
    Hope you feel better! ;)

  2. Thanks. I had to lol @ ‘walking germs’. Oh yeah, the younger the kid, the more germs imho

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