Being crazy and making changes

Albert Einstein said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. So I suppose to some extent, I am insane. I keep falling into the same bad habits, giving the same excuses, and somehow expecting something will change.

I wait for things to change on their own. Yeah…crazy, right? I suppose in some ways that might happen. Life offers plenty of change all the time. Very little remains static. My life,however, tends to lag, and that needs to change.

If I want change to happen, I have to make it happen. Am I expected Life (or some prince charming) to save me from this mundane existence? Like the hero of any story, I need  to set that foot onto the path of revision, and make things happen.

One change I’m doing is switching to weekly goals rather than monthly. Let me tell you; its easy to put things off when you think have the month to do them. A week gives just the right balance of ‘enough time’ and ‘urgency’ to prod me into getting things done.

Put things in priority. I have to put the unpleasant things first. Its those things I end up avoiding or putting off because they’re unpleasant in some fashion.

Give myself enough time. Sometimes I think I give up too soon, so this time I’m giving my end goals more time to get there. Losing weight, finishing a novel, or completing a project require effort and time to reach success.

So consider what changes you want, and what things you need to change in your behavior or attitude to get you there.


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