Market your writing

A number of my fellow writers have since published via the Internet, so I felt it pertinent to add some tips I’ve gathered on how to market one’s writing on the world wide web..

Email Signature Files- You can add a link to your writing via a signature file that gets posted to every email you sent out. Depending on your email service will vary the methods used to add them.

Blogging– As a writer you should have sort of web site up and ready to list your writing. Not only can you update ‘what’s new’, such as new published works, you can also add contests you’ve joined, or new reviews of your work. I strongly suggest to not write about things outside of your writing however. Think like your reader- would you care about your kids or real job, or do you want to know more about stories and writing?

Ask for reviews. Its best to offer free copies of your work to readers who will provide constructive reviews.

Show off your writing. By all means include in your blog and/or web site a page that lists all your writing. Include samples, so people can get a taste of your work. Some authors offer the first chapter to hook readers into wanting more.

Promise more stories/writing.  Promise readers more stories and other writing for them to read. Provide a count down to the next release.

Get linked. This hinges upon the fact you need a web site, but once established, see if other blogs that have the same topic/genre are willing to share links. “I will post you if you post me”. I get a number of ‘hits’ from people who post my blog as a resources.

Include in all online profiles. Consider web sites you have a profile, and add a link back to your site.

Add viral site buttons. Don’t forget to add to your blog/websites a means in which visitors can click and add you to Facebook, Stumpleupon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumbler, etc. Don’t forget to add memorable posts so visitors want to share it with the world.

Posting for genre and topic. Consider your writing and where a reader of that type of writing looks to find more. You need to go there and see if there are ways to market yourself. This can include message boards, chat rooms, or even comments on a blogs, but do not SPAM. Be considerate.

Start a mailing list. This allows people who enjoy your blog or other writing to be alerted when you release or post new material.

Consider a press release. Publishing a story, winning a contest, publishing a book are all newsworthy. Send out a press release to announce it!

Know of any more tips you’d like to share? Post below, or better  yet- blog about and post in comments below.


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