Chased by zombies

I homeschool and I write, which doesn’t give me much of an active life. I own a cattle dog, so you’d think that alone would offer me something of activity to burn calories and be fit. Alas, no. I’m also lazy.

I have plans on getting this Iphone app entitled Zombies! Run! The concept intrigues me;

zombiesrunThe goal of the game is to rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse. To do this, you actually have to go out and run around in the real world where you can collect ammo, medicine, batteries, and spare parts that will let you build up and expand your base. You’ll get clues, orders, and stories through your headphones. You can even pretend you’re running around at night avoiding zombies when you’re actually running on the safety of your gym’s treadmill. You’ll get to hear the frightening moans and gurgles of the zombies that are right on your heels, making sure you keep running for your life. by Jennifer Bergan at

Talk about motivation! The downside is that it’s a $7 app! I’m also not keen about running away from zombies every time I go for a jog. I can see me panicking at some point, and bolting for home. My neighbors would think I’m a nut.

The idea is cool, though; games you play in the physical world. I started wondering about the possible stories bubbling in my head if I had to run, imagining the undead at my heels, with only the sound of strangers in my ears to connect me to the living. (shudders)

This touches upon the whole idea of play and creativity. I remember feeling terrified when playing ‘hunt monster’ with my dad. The tension was so bad at one point, with dimmed lights and only flashlights to defend myself, so when my father lunged at me from the darkness of a closet, I clobbered the ‘monster’ with all my might!

My dad said later I nearly knocked him out. I think I was 7 at the time. He knew I could defend myself after that.

Storytelling touches upon the fears, passions, and even insecurities we have to mesh into a storyline that speaks to the reader. They may also have those same fears. I often wonder if I’m alone in clobbering closet monsters.

I’m sure there’s a story there somewhere. Winking smile

Prompt: Take a fear you had (or have) as a child, and write, from the POV of the child, a situation where you face that fear. Add all the imagined terror you think a child of that age would have, but put the story in first person.


2 Replies to “Chased by zombies”

  1. Wow, now THAT is awesome!! I’ve actually been thinking about starting to run again after a very long hiatus. This might be exactly what I need to get my fluffy butt moving!


    1. Lol@fluffybutt! Last night I was thinking of all kinds of possibilities with Iphones and its ability to track your movements, from spy games with other people with the app, to chased by vampires (I would imagine they would be quicker though), or even a game to challenge any skill- like you have to write 500 words a day on a project to publish at a given date. The app reminds/nags you to finish the work. 😉


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