Sunday Musings: My cat, the paperweight.



Its uncanny how my cat can sense when I fully intend on getting some serious writing done. This is him, sitting on my desk, purring very loudly as he waits to be fed. Now and then a paw reaches out to where he can reach the mouse to remind me. He will also bite at the cords around him. He does pretty much anything to get attention.

Max: ‘Hey, mom, I’m hungry/needing pets. You’re not paying attention to me”

Me: I pet you this afternoon, even brushed out your fur. You slept ALL day in my son’s room. Why do you need my full attention now?

Max: I just do

I named him Max Payne, from the video game. We also joke that he can be a pain/payne when he’s demanding attention. He’s not the kind of cat where he only loves you for food. Max really enjoys being picked up, snuggled, and scritched under the chin. If you don’t give him attention, he’s not above reaching out and snagging you with claws to make you pet him!

But I’ve discovered of myself that I require quiet and being left alone for a block of time to slide into the comfortable inner calm of creativity. I can’t write in a café. I can’t write in a group. I can, however, blog or work on non-fiction just fine with the cat beside me, even continue typing if my son comes into my office to jabber, but creative writing, I require the alone-time.

I hope to get that writing time some time tonight…apparently after I feed this beast.


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