Door to imagination

Last night, as we went to Home Depot to pick out  anew door bell, I noticed the line of door handles that are all setup so you can actually turn them. They were on these little doors, similar to a rotating door, which turns with a new doorknob. I started turning them, knocking on pretend doors, acting disappointed when no one answered. My husband said I was weird. My 12 year old son agreed.

But it got me thinking….

Doorknobs, magic, doors leading to strange places. Narnia bubbled up, as I considered what sort of bizarre world could I come up with with these doorknobs leading to odd places…or times for that matter. One door knob looked like it was from the Victorian era.

Doors also represent in dreams shifting to another state. In magical practices, doorways are seen as portals where fairies are known to enter the house, or weaknesses in a room’s security against the paranormal.

And who answered the door? What strange or horrific thing could you find then?

What do you think? Do a freewriting exercise answering the question…What is beyond the door or what does the doorknob represent to you?

I get these type of ideas by simply letting the imagination run wild.

Or maybe I’m just weird.

Winking smile


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